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The Science of Colour and Flaming Hands to Drones and Robots

There has been a lot going on in Year 9 Science in Term 3 – from the Science of colour to flaming hands, to drones and robots. Read on to know more about these Science events of the last few weeks, and have a look at some of the wonderful photos from the Science Week Sci-shows.

Science Shows

The Year 9 students worked in groups to research a concept in chemistry. They created a practical Science show to teach this concept to Primary students. 

The design brief:

  • Teach a concept from chemistry to the Primary students.
  • Get the Primary students excited about learning Science.
  • Point to the wisdom and wonder of the Creator.

Our students put on a huge variety of Science shows and fulfilled the brief with aplomb. It was wonderful to have a real audience for their hard work as the Primary students had great enthusiasm for discovery.

Robots and Drones

Do you know the difference between robots and drones? Our Year 9 students could help you if you’re not sure.

We had the opportunity for a group called STEM UnitED to come and run some workshops on robotics and drones, what they are used for, industry and career opportunities, and get hands on with some examples of the robots and drones. Students were able to remotely pilot a drone, build their own robot, and see an AI robot in action.

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