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The Fathering Project Starts at Rehoboth

Amazingly, we had almost 70 dads attend our launch nights.

This year, across both Primary campuses, we have decided to partner with the Fathering Project.

The Fathering Project was started by Professor Bruce Robinson in 2013. He met with patients who were dying and who had regrets about the kind of father they had been and wished they had had a better relationship with their kids. He started the Fathering Project in response to this need. It has since grown rapidly, Dad’s groups growing all over Australia.

"It is a challenge in today's world to be a good dad. I've got five kids and feel overwhelmed most of the time! I can relate to the challenges of my own kids using technology appropriately, always feeling like I'm busy, busy, busy, and on top of that, dealing with my own issues and frustrations of being a dad."
Mr Craig Hunter
Wilson Deputy Principal

Mr Hunter and Mr Norman met with Rory from the Fathering Project and decided to do a launch night to get it started. They knew how busy dads were and thought if they got 5-10 dads, that would be a win.

Amazingly, we had almost 70 dads attend our launch nights. Rory said there was a positive buzz and he had rarely seen such a great community spirit. He shared the vision and effectiveness of having Dad’s groups at our school. An online group has been started and Rehoboth dads are already planning their first activity.

Each term we plan to have some kind of event that brings dads and their kids together. In Term 3, there are already plans underway to do our first dads/kids campout. More than that, Rehoboth wants to continue to partner with dads to help them lead their families well and help them raise children who know and love Jesus.

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