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The Fathering Project – Pizza and Paper Planes

The Fathering Project - Pizza and Paper Planes

So many dads and kids attended, at another level, it created a deeper sense of community at Rehoboth.

What could be more challenging for kids and their dads than competing for the title of Paper Plane champion? The preparation started with hundreds of plane prototypes being designed, carefully folded, flight tested and then coloured by pens.

Before long, the pizzas arrived, thanks to Arion Lee, one of the dads who helped organise the night. Pepperoni, Ham and Pineapple, Cheesy Crust delicacies were carefully consumed to get the minds ready for the trials that were about to begin.

Next up, the heats started. Lining up year by year, kids aimed their planes, pointing upward and outwards and then let fly! Each plane whizzed, twirled and soared effortlessly across the gymnasium. After each throw, David Steadman, with the help of David Montgomery, measured the length of each plane. The top throw in each year won a Nerf gun, and the top two winners for each year level went into the grand finale, where all the top throwers competed.

Before the final, the dads attempted to teach the kids about the art of paper plane throwing. Unfortunately, some of their planes careened and swirled up, around, not going as far as planed. Although, one plane kept going, and going and going, flying the length of the gymnasium! Joel Moylan claimed the prize for the longest dad’s throw.

Finally, the final. After a number of amazing paper planes rocketed through the air, the prize of the Paper Plane champion at Wilson was revealed. In second place was Asher Manalip and in first place was Liam Waugh. Congratulations to both of these boys!

What a great night! So many dads and their kids attended, had a great connection and at another level, created a deeper sense of community at Rehoboth. A big thanks to David and Arion who helped organise the night and helped clean up.

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