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The Fastest Class in the School

During Weeks 3 to 6 of Term 2, Primary classes at both campuses have been competing against each other for the title of the Fastest Class in the School

As part of their warmup for Physical Education each week, students were given 5 minutes to run or walk as many laps around the gym as they could. The total score for each class was calculated and divided by the number of students who participated to give a weekly average of laps per student.

With cross-country coming up in Term 3, this activity has been a great test of fitness and endurance for the students. It was great to see their enthusiasm and determination as they gave their best each week as part of a healthy competition between classes. I heard great stories of students beating their number of laps from previous weeks and encouraging their classmates to keep going! Who would have thought children would enjoy running laps so much? Well done everyone!

The classes were very close and the results are in:

At Wilson, the fastest class was Year 5:
1030 laps over four weeks
The Year 6s followed closely behind in second place:
929 laps over four weeks
At Kenwick, the Year 3s started and finished strong to win:
827 laps over four weeks
While the Year 5s took out second position:
780 laps over four weeks

Amazing job to everyone who participated!

I am glad to report that the two trophies have been given a safe but visible home in their winning year group’s classrooms. This is where they will remain until Term 4 when they will be available to win again in a new Fastest Class in the School challenge!

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