The Association

The Association

Rehoboth Christian College is operated by the Association for Christian Education Inc (ACE). Founded in 1959, ACE provides a Biblical framework through which the College is able to provide its brand of distinctly Christian education. We acknowledge the invaluable contributions of those who were involved in establishing ACE and who sacrificed in many ways to contribute to us opening our doors at Wilson in 1966. In particular, we acknowledge the five founding members of the ACE Board:

Annig Hetebrij
Jakob Swarts
Hendrik Roelofs
Hendrik van Dijken
Sijbe Knol

ACE continues to thank God for the provision He has made in allowing the College to be so fruitful over the past 50 years.

A Parent-Governed College

The video above helps to explain the purpose of a school association and what role parents play in a school that they govern.

Rehoboth is a parent-governed College, which is achieved by parents’ membership in ACE. It is through this membership that parents are able to influence the character and direction of the education provided by the College. The control parents exert is communal, not individual – it is focused on ways in which the parent community are able to be involved in the processes of providing that education. Parents are able to exercise this most effectively through active participation in the Association’s public meetings held through the course of the year, and by election to the ACE Board (subject to subscribing to the Association’s declaration). Parents are also strongly encouraged to communicate freely with teachers and staff, though it should be noted that our staff are not directly accountable to the parent community.

As a parent, you will be required to take out either full Membership or Affiliate membership when you enrol your child. More information on both these levels can be found here

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