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The Adventure Cruise Begins: Leonora Mission Trip 2019 Day 1-3

Each year, Year 10 students have the opportunity to participate in a week-long mission trip. The trip is a service program which encourages students who have a heart for mission and service to spend a week in Leonora serving the local community with a program of drama, craft, Bible stories and sport.

The Adventure Cruise Begins... On a Bus!
Day 1: Saturday 28 Septembmer 2019

Well, here is a summary of Day 1:

  • 828km travelled
  • Left at 6:30am arrived at 6:30pm
  • Emptied the bus
  • Set up for sleep
  • Went to sleep

Now, some details. There was a lot of sleeping in the early hours (some people more adept at sleeping on a bus than others!), followed by lots of singing, chatting, and general passing of the time. Those who were interested in the Grand final quickly lost interest as Richmond stormed to victory (I am sure Mr Butson is very happy). We stopped in at Tammin Roadhouse for brekky, Southern Cross for lunch, and Kalgoorlie for dinner. The only drama on the road was that the car of Mark and Julie (two of our volunteers) broke down 70km out of Coolgardie and they had to get a replacement car to continue the journey.

Nevertheless, we arrived tired, but chipper and looking forward to the week ahead!

Mr Taylor

Are You Serving Captain Jesus?
Day 2: Sunday 29 September 2019

Church and setting up for the week ahead. This was the one day we could sleep in, but most of us woke up at 5:00am. It was awesome waking up and seeing Leonora in daylight as it had been dark when we arrived. To get a proper view, we climbed a hill before heading off to church. It was interesting to get a perspective of a different kind of church to what we were used to. After church we went straight to the recreation centre where we had lunch and started to set up for the week ahead. We put out crafts and organised our group areas. Then we had dinner and practised our skits and performances for Monday. To finish the day off, we went stargazing on the oval.

Hayley, Hannah and Chelsea

Heave Away, Haul Away!
Day 3: Monday 30 September 2019

Day 1 of The Adventure Cruise begins!

Today we finally got to see the children of Leonora attending our mission. We were a bit nervous, but also excited. We got to know the kids in our groups well and got along with them. All our performances went fairly well – a special mention to Sam, who played a leper very well (don’t worry though, Jesus healed him). The performances were received well by the kids and they all participated in the songs. Afterwards, we played volleyball and football with the kids outside the sports complex. And, to finish off an awesome day, we had a movie night. The trip has been going great and we have settled in well.

Sam and Jack

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