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Testing the Waters: Year 10 Work Experience 2018

The beginning of Term 3 each year means work experience for our Year 10s. This program is part of students’ Careers Education in Humanities course and aims to provide them with a week’s worth of practical experience in a profession they might be considering and to give them a taste of what’s involved with full-time work. Our students always conduct themselves well and do themselves and Rehoboth proud. Below are some summaries and notes from their supervisors’ feedback.

We are very thankful to the businesses and supervisors for taking our students on for the week. The Work Experience program couldn’t happen without your generosity and support!

Supervisor Feedback

Jason Anggadjaja: The staff at the church where Jason worked asked if they could keep him. I would have walked straight past him if they had not pointed him out – he looked very at home there. Apparently, he finished what they thought would take him two days in just one. He said he enjoyed the work, the different environment. It was relaxed, flexible, and very caring. Jason is doing archiving, finances and general gopher work. This is not his ‘dream job’ (he wants to be a novelist – yay!), but he was quite content doing it.

Emily Bronkhorst: Emily fitted in well and in particular seemed quite at home, relaxed and keen to be involved. Her manager noted that she would like Emily to be more assertive and take on tasks without being prompted to, but I think that she was probably not wanting to presume and was instead obediently waiting to be assigned tasks.

Dah Gay Doo Blit: Dah Gay was privileged to be part of the GREaT Nursing Work Experience program and had a wonderful week at a local Hospital, even being present while someone was undergoing surgery in the theatre!

Mikayla Douglas: Mikayla had a lovely rapport with the children and staff and was well suited to working with young children. She was very keen to complete set tasks and asking questions about lessons, routines and activities etc.

Lydia Ghebru: Lydia fitted in well and was a good team player doing whatever was asked. With time I believe her initiative will improve.

Chris Holmes: Chris has been a delight to have in the office and a genuine help. I hope he has found it beneficial in seeing how an electorate office is run. We would be pleased to have Chris back again another time.

Rabecca Hulston: Rabecca coped well. She was even sitting at the boss’s desk as he was away on holidays. Rebecca experienced time in the courts as well and I think she has a better idea of what Law is about and she said that she is definitely considering Law as a career choice. They were very happy with Rabecca as they had nearly cancelled the option of having students as the first student in 2018 was a bit of a problem but Rabecca helped them to be positive about taking Year 10 students in.

Bethany Klomp: Bethany has been an absolute pleasure for work experience at our Police Station. She has a very professional presentation which is a reflection of the school (congratulations).

Yonnie Lee: Yonnie learned a lot. She has a whole list of computer software programs that she worked on. She looked happy and had an amazing environment to work in. They were very happy with Yonnie’s work ethic.

Jacob Lim: Jacob helped a Car dealership digitalise their service archive, which involved a lot of staple removal, scanning, re-stapling and filing. His supervisor said that he got on very well with his work and he had no complaints with what he did.

Miriam Lobaugh: We found Miriam to be mature beyond her years, very punctual, courteous, well presented and compassionate. She completed all tasks given to her so well we will be offering her an opportunity for casual work as we believe should be an asset to our team.

Elissa McClure: Elissa seemed like a fish in water working at the kindergarten. Her supervisors were very happy with her; they told me she showed initiative and instinct. Elissa said she was really enjoying herself and would like to work in early childhood studies when she leaves school.

Sarah Naylor: Sarah showed enthusiasm and interest in the role of Education Assistant. She helped out and shared initiative with her interactions with the children and staff.

Nikita Strickling: All the adults that spoke about Nikita had positive things to say. One comment was: “Nikita is a credit to the school”. Another lady said:, “She is not shy, she puts the guys in their place” 🙂

Darcy Terpstra: Darcy was very helpful and had a natural instinct for caring. She created good therapeutic relationships.

Jake Thygesen: Jake did very well following the instructions given to him and was very easy to work with.

Shanae Wright: Shanae was an absolute pleasure to have in our room for the week. She displayed initiative and maturity rarely seen in someone her age. We would welcome her back anytime!

Student Notes

Marty James – Café

Highlights: Learnt lots of new things like how to make food, using the register, communicating with other people properly.

Jobs included: Serving customers, taking orders, clean up, kitchen clean up, making lunches including ham/ cheese croissants etc..

Supervisor comments: Marty was quick to learn, not scared to have a go, and very capable.

Annette Moro – Pharmacy

Highlights: Getting to know staff, making friends. Talking with customers.

Hardest thing: Getting home and just wanting to sleep.

Jobs included: Stock and stacking shelves. Interacting with customers in the store.

Bupe Muyola – Medical Centre

Highlights: Meeting new people and hearing patients and fellow staff talk about their lives. It was a nice, peaceful workplace.

Main jobs: medical receptionist – booking patients, making and answering phone calls.

Supervisor comment: He had a really good week, picked up the jobs quickly, and was easy to work with.

Timothy Ong – Newsagents

Highlights: Learning new skills. Being challenged to greet customers and get to know staff members.

Hardest job: Sorting the mail and talking to customers.

Supervisor: Very nice young man, takes time to understand what he is doing, has improved a lot as the week progressed.

Axyle Povey – Aircraft Mechanic

Axyle had a fantastic week working as an Aircraft Mechanic and he received excellent feedback.

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