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TESLA: First Lego League National Finals West

What would convince you to go to a school competition on a weekend on the first day of school holidays?

Would robots, Curtin merchandise, and the chance to change the world be enough?

This year Georgia, Cassidy, and Seth (Year 9) represented Rehoboth at the First Lego League National Final West, held on 12 December. They arrived early Saturday morning enthused and ready to improve on their results in the regionals.

The event was run by the Curtin University Engineering and STEM outreach department. Tim Keely (event organiser) was the chief motivator on the loudspeaker, getting teams revved up for the day.

The Rehoboth team excelled in presenting their innovation project: a sustainable family gym where the lighting and day care are powered by the activity of the parents. They faced a slew of challenges in the robot game after altering their robot, and valiantly applied their problem-solving skills to make the most of a tricky situation.

A tough day of competition, project judging, and robot design scrutineering ended in the team receiving the 2020 Breakthrough Award, a phenomenal achievement and motivation to return in 2021!

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