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Secondary Cross Country – Take Your Marks

Secondary Cross Country - Take Your Marks

Yet again, everyone gave it their best, striving to display their gifts and abilities to glorify God.

Take your marks… BANG!

That’s right, it’s the Rehoboth Cross Country, and it’s as tough as it can get.

It all started in the early hours of the morning, as the PE Department started loading the trailer with equipment, ready to set up the course. Once the many cones had been placed correctly, it was time for the students to begin the long ‘Camino de Santiago’ journey of Cross Country.

First up were the Year 7-9s. Rehoboth’s one and only fantastic sports captains, Kayla and Jordan, led the youngsters through a really quick warm up, giving everybody a chance to jiggle out any last-minute nerves before lining up at the start line.

The race began, along with some fierce competition. Everybody sprinted, ran, jogged, walked, and even dawdled through a gruelling 3 kilometres before finally reaching the finish line. And thanks to the tail walkers (shoutout to Daniel Kim and fellow comrades), nobody was allowed to take out last place.

Then it was the seniors’ turn. And yes, it was next level, bumping it up to 4km. Yet again, everyone gave it their best, striving to display their gifts and abilities to glorify God. Unfortunately, with little time to spare at the end, Cross Country presentations for the seniors were presented the next morning at school.

The weather seemed to toss and turn throughout the day, starting off with a frosty morning breeze, and ending with a chilling wind and hot beating sun.

Special thanks to:

  • The Year 10 PE Studies class for helping out with directing on track and filling in where needed.
  • The PE Department for running yet another great event.
  • The students for participating, even if you didn’t have a choice 🙂
  • The parents and teachers that came and supported the students.

We look forward to seeing how qualified competitors go at the ACC Cross Country event in June!

All the best!

Kayla Bongers and Jordan Matthews
Rehoboth Sports Captains

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