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Taking Science Learning to the Next Level

Year 8 students managed to squeeze in one more excursion at the end of an already jam-packed 2018. This was the culmination of their Science learning about Energy, Rock Formation and Body Systems. And so, the year concluded with an exciting excursion to the Murdoch University Anatomy Museum, Algae Research Centre and Mineral Processing Laboratory with real engaging hands-on activities that not only have enriched the students’ educational experience…

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Intrepid Year 8 Students on Camp

The intrepid Year 8 students spent three days during Week 3 of Term 4 away from school at beautiful Camp Mornington, nestled in the hills near Waroona. After lunch on the first day, three hours passed very fast while we shared smelly shoes, solved group puzzles (using our multiprocessing skills – kicking a soccer ball, passing a basketball and listening to our screaming classmates simultaneously!) and “run the gauntlet” style dodgeball. It was surprising who…

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Medieval Day

Is it possible to live a whole historical era in one day?

Probably not, but it might be possible to get a taste for the type of lives that ordinary people would have lived and the skills that they had. This was the aim of the Year 8 Medieval Day in the last week of Term 3.

Year 8 students spent their time preparing food over an open fire. Some students spent a long time…

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App-etite for the Digital Future

Digital Technology in the Classroom

Over the past 6 months, our students in Year 7-8 have been learning how to develop mobile applications in Digital Technology. We started from identifying problems in the surrounding, breaking them down into smaller components (Decomposition), exploring the specific needs of the users, and then creating digital solutions that address those needs (User Interface).

Despite being very new to coding, our students rose to the challenge and have done a…

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Year 8 Humanities Market Day

The Year 8 Humanities class has been studying Economics and Geography this Semester. They were given the task of setting up a company, planning and producing a product, marketing and selling their product at a Market Day held on Wednesday 13 June. The profit from their business enterprise, after they have repaid their capital loan, contributes funding to the improvement of the outdoor quadrangle in the Endeavour area.

The students put in an awesome effort…

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Pi Day and Paper Chains

Today, 14 March, the College – and particularly the Mathematics Department – celebrated International Pi Day.

This year saw the Year 7-10s take part in a couple of different activities over the course of the day, providing an opportunity to use their maths outside the regular classroom. The aim of the activities is for all students to be able to participate fully, and as such, they are not mathematical intensive activities. The…

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Fremantle, Frozen Cokes, Firefighters, and Fun

In Week 3 of this Term, Year 8 students hit the streets of Fremantle for the first day of their camp. It was a great day of tracking down items and photos for the scavenger hunt, exploring the tunnels beneath Fremantle Prison, and laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

One of the highlights was when one group accidentally broke into a Fire Station, shocking the firefighters mid-training session by their entrance into a “secure area”.…

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Basketball Grand Finals 2016

Year 7-8 Division Grand Final

The Raptors took on the table-topping Warriors to see who would come out on top in the Year 7-8 basketball grand final played today.

The game was hotly contested from the start, with each team going bucket for bucket.

The Warriors were under pressure from the start, with their start player, Esteban Weesner absent. David Oyewopo took up the slack, scoring on numerous occasions inside the paint.

The teams were…

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Genius Hour Expo


On Tuesday, 20 September, Year 8B exhibited the work they had developed during their Genius Hour periods over Term 3. Many students and teachers from other classes and year groups came to share in the learning and enjoy some of the products 8B created.

For those who have never heard of the term, Genius Hour is the idea that the students use some of their regular Humanities time to pursue an area…

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LEX@R Students Respond to God’s Creation with Psalms

Bubble Neblua (NGC 7635)

Our learning extension students have recently been working on writing psalms as a response to God’s astronomical creation. Here are three of them:

Mighty creator,
My position too small to comprehend
How you made the earth from end to end.
I look to the stars, the planets, the sun
And see you shining out to me
You are continuously the Lord, never are you…

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A Beautiful Morning at the Falls

In our Year 8 Humanities class this Term, we’ve been learning about the different stages of rivers, the activity of each, how humans use these different stages, as well as our impact on the river ecosystem.

On Friday, 27 May, we went to the Lesmurdie Falls as part of our study on rivers in Humanities. It was a bright, beautiful morning and we all appreciated the opportunity to start the day out in…

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Galileo vs. da Vinci

Term 1 of LEX@R has flown past! We began with a trip to Fremantle to look at the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and C. Y. O’Connor, and have been exploring some of the things that the Renaissance men did – art and science, observation and hypothesis, defence and development of towns, and revisiting older ideas to reinvent or rediscover them! Following in their footsteps, we have attempted some of the experiments that Galileo and…

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