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Year 6 Leadership Teams 2019

At Rehoboth, we provide several opportunities for our Year 6 students to learn leadership skills. Leadership involves managing, influencing and directing others to achieve particular goals. Becoming a leader in a particular area helps students to develop skills in focusing on what is important, using courage to solve problems, sacrificing time to plan and organise activities, managing other people, and relying on Christ to help them through this journey. Student leadership groups are mentored by…

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Splashing About: Year 3-6 Swimming Lessons

Over the last couple of weeks, the Year 3-6 students have been attending Swimming Lessons at Cannington Leisureplex as part of their Physical Education program.

This is always a highlight for many students as they attempt to pass the next stage in their swimming levels. In Australia, it is especially important for our students to be confident around water and have the basic skills required to keep them safe, even though they should still be…

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A Taste for Secondary School

Recently, our Year 6 students were privileged to participate in the Year 7 Orientation. It was an extremely well-organised event, which has left our Year 6 students eagerly looking forward to becoming part of the Secondary School next year. They enjoyed meeting the Year 7 teachers as well other students who will be joining Rehoboth next year.

Students loved their cooking classes with Mrs Howard, where they learnt how to make a fruit and muesli…

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Tree Planting with Year 3 and Year 6

The Year 3 and Year 6 students enjoyed a morning of planting new plants at the Kent Street Weir. The day began with beautiful, clear, sunny weather, that got all 52 students in the mood to enjoy a casual walk to the weir. Once there we were met by Ms Patricia Summons, who explained where we were going to plant, what we were going to plant and how many plants needed planting.

With gloves on…

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Discovering Australia’s Migrant History at the State Library

Year 6 students visited the State Library to hear about the different migrants that have come to Australia over the years.

The students were asked to sit in a group, around a table where a large suitcase was closed and sitting. The librarian discussed some reasons why people would have left their own country and came to live in Australia. Students had to open their cases and find out who owned the suitcase…

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Creating Music Together

If you happen to walk past the Kenwick Upper Primary block during lunch on a Tuesday, you would probably hear some amazing music drifting from the Music Room. That would be the sound of our Year 5-6 Band busy rehearsing and creating music together! Let us introduce you to some of our wonderful musicians:

“I have been playing the guitar for the last five years or so. My favourite style is rock. My Dad first…

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Year 5/6 Take on the Fiery Furnace

At last week’s Celebrations our Year 5/6B class produced a play from the Book of Daniel titled “The Fiery Furnace”.

It was a great reminder of how Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego stood by what they knew to be the Truth despite pressures and threats from worldly things.

Despite King Nebuchadnezzar having the temperature of the fire intensified seven times they stood strong in their faith to our one true God. The three men then miraculously…

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Cryptic Clues and Spare Part Puppets in Freo

On Thursday 19 July the Year 5/6 Blue class went on an excursion to Fremantle. The first part of the excursion required groups to find answers to cryptic clues while walking through the historical parts of Fremantle.

“It was fun having a tour and actually looking for answers, not pointlessly wandering around the town. It felt like we were detectives looking at statues, going through tunnels and reading bits of information. I really loved the…

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KodeKLIX Brings STEM into the Classroom

The Year 5/6 classes at Kenwick have been blessed to use the new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) kits designed in a partnership between KodeKLIX and AISWA.

KodeKLIX is a teaching system developed in Australia and designed to address a range of STEM curriculum and reporting requirements. Students learn programming and electronics skills in a fun and easy-to-use way that helps them understand how things work in the real

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Year 6 Camp: Bonding Over Giant Swings and Donuts

What a great start to Term 2! On Thursday 3 May, all the Year 6 students from both campuses joined together to experience an awesome overnight camp at Southern Hills Christian College. Students were put into groups and engaged in fun activities to challenge themselves, and some students were surprised just how much they enjoyed the activities. They had a go at archery (I think I saw some Robin Hoods among our students) and the…

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Wycliffe Win the 2018 Swimming Carnival

The Rehoboth Primary Swimming Carnival took place at Riverton Leisureplex on Friday 10 March. The carnival was attended by all students in Years 4-6 from both Wilson and Kenwick Campuses and provides an opportunity for some students to showcase their swimming abilities, while others get to put into practice what they have learnt at swimming lessons in the weeks prior.

Events this year included 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. 25m freestyle and breaststroke, along…

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Spotlight on the Year 5-6 Band

During lunchtime on Wednesdays, students in the Wilson Year 5-6 Band meet in the Music Room to rehearse songs and create music together.

What do you do in Band?

“We chat while we eat our lunch. Then we set up our own instruments and help each other to set up theirs too. We decide what we want to practice and Elijah counts us in. Then we jam!” – Georgia and Isaac

“We take our…

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