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All Monkeys Love Bananas

On Thursday 23 August, the Year 3/4 class went on the bus and drove to Cannington Library. There we met author, Sean Avery. Did you know he wrote, All Monkey’s Love Bananas!?

Sean told us that he loved art and he brought in a sculpture of a chameleon that he made. It was sooooo cool! He also told us what it was like to be an author. It was very interesting to hear him talk.…

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Families and Singing in Indonesian

This Term in Indonesian, the Year 2 class has learnt how to describe our family members in short sentences. As you can see from the photos below, we loved listening to our friends describe their loved ones.

We asked questions and even used the newly learnt adjectives to describe one another. It was a fun learning experience!

Furthermore, the Year 4s and 5s have been practising an Indonesian song about how great our God is.…

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Claris and the Theft of the Century

Recently, Claris Chiang, one of our Year 4 students at the Wilson Campus, placed second in the Make Your Own Storybook writing competition organised by the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

Claris’ Mum explains: “When Claris first told us that she would like to enter the MYOSB (Make Your Own Story Book) competition, we were very supportive as we saw that she truly enjoys writing. She had so many ideas…

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Catching Up with Our Indonesian Friends

Last Term we had the privilege of having the students from PBK Penabur School Indonesia visit with our students here at Rehoboth. It was interesting to hear about their life and schooling in Indonesia and discover how it is so different from ours in Australia. We even got to ask them questions. They helped us with our Indonesian work in class, they were great helpers. We enjoyed having them in Rehoboth Christian College and cannot…

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A Day at the Zoo with Year 4/5

On Friday 15 June, the Kenwick Year 4/5 class visited Perth Zoo as part of our Biological Science program. Students were placed into groups and, along with their parent helper, were free to roam the zoo at their leisure.

It was a great opportunity to see up close some of the animals that we have been studying this Term. There were a number of highlights that the students experienced, among them were the Orangutans, Pygmy…

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Kamu Suka Makan Apa (What Do You Like to Eat)?

Last week, Year 4 and 5 had a fun time exercising their Indonesian language practice. During a role-playing activity, the students took turns to ask each other what they like and dislike to eat, as well as respond accordingly to the questions asked by their friends. After this activity, we used the information gathered from their friends to construct simple written sentences describing their likes and dislikes of a certain food.

We also watched a…

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ANZAC Cottage: The House that was Built in a Day

On Thursday 3 May, the Year 3/4 Class went to visit ANZAC Cottage. We had an interesting and fun morning learning about how the Cottage was built.

Our tour guides were Mr and Mrs Chappel.

Mrs Chappel is the granddaughter of the wounded soldier, John Porter, for whom the cottage was built in 1916. Private Porter fought at Gallipoli, but a gun shot to his left leg meant that he came back…

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Wycliffe Win the 2018 Swimming Carnival

The Rehoboth Primary Swimming Carnival took place at Riverton Leisureplex on Friday 10 March. The carnival was attended by all students in Years 4-6 from both Wilson and Kenwick Campuses and provides an opportunity for some students to showcase their swimming abilities, while others get to put into practice what they have learnt at swimming lessons in the weeks prior.

Events this year included 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. 25m freestyle and breaststroke, along…

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Hands-on 3D Maths Activities with Year 3/4

Nothing brings a Maths lesson to life more than when you get to try out some things with your hands. Recently, the Year 3/4 class did just that as they investigated the beauty, fun and complexity of 3D shapes!

“In class, we have been learning about different 3D objects. We did 4 different activities about making and drawing 3D objects. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it” – Isaac

“Cindy and…

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Credo 2017: On This We Stand

On Thursday 21 September, Wilson’s entire student body sang the truths of Scripture together at our school concert, filling the gymnasium with the sounds of “I Believe”. Credo 2017 was a celebration of the rediscovery of Biblical truths during the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago. The venue was “standing room” only as many family and friends attended.

We were privileged to “meet” Martin Luther, William Tyndale, John Calvin, John Wesley, and John Newton as “The…

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Year 4s Learn How to Care for God’s World

The Year 4s have been very proactive since their excursion to the RRRC. They have been careful in what they are throwing out and how they could reuse other materials. They are so enthusiastic about recycling that they wanted to do an assembly about how our school could look after God’s world. It’s great to see that our young children think about how we need to be good stewards for God and future generations.


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Wanjoo: NAIDOC Week 2017

NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. NAIDOC is celebrated all over Australia, focusing on the recognition and celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. It actually was started by an Aboriginal Christian man, William Cooper!

After a service in 1884, Cooper approached the pastor saying “I must give my heart to God…”. From there, he began a lifelong work to fight for Aboriginal rights.…

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