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Pi Day 2019

Celebrated globally on March 14 (3/14), Pi Day is an annual opportunity for Maths enthusiasts to recite the infinite digits of Pi, talk to their friends about Maths, and to eat pie. At Rehoboth, the Maths Learning Area celebrate Pi Day by running a hands-on activity for students in Years 7-10.

This year’s Pi Day activity saw the students calculating the best buy of a number of shopping items using unit pricing. Items such as…

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Year 10s Capture Culture

The Year 10 Visual Communication class ventured into the Perth CBD for our “Capturing Culture” Excursion on Friday 2 November. Two Feet and a Heartbeat tours coordinated a walking tour for us, focusing on various points of interest within our own city. We saw examples of street art in Wolf Lane, modern architecture at the State Buildings and Perth City Library, and explored historical sites around the Supreme Court Gardens and St…

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Year 10s Show Courage to Care

On Wednesday 29 August our Year 10s consolidated their history studies by participating in a program run by the Jewish community service organisation B’nai B’rith called “Courage to Care”. Unlike most Holocaust tours, this program is a celebration of the “Righteous among the Nations” – those who chose to stand up and confront discrimination and injustice, ordinary people who were extraordinary in their bravery and impact.

The program uses the stories of Holocaust…

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It All Comes Together: Leonora Mission Trip Day 6

The team’s second last day in Leonora saw things start to come together. The relationships built with the kids over the last few days are paying off, as are the prayers offered on behalf of the team and the kids of Leonora. The day also included a visit to Gwalia, just a short drive out of Leonora. Gwalia used to be small but bustling mining town of almost 1,200 people. In its…

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A Taste of Things to Come: Leonora Mission Trip Day 1 and 2

Leonora is a town in the Goldfields region of WA, about 830kms northeast of Perth. In 1992, Dave and Avril McLeenan established a bush mission in the town as a ministry for the local children. Rehoboth has partnered with the McLeenans for 8 years now, sending a team of Year 10 students who give up a week of their September school holidays to help run the program and get a taste of missions…

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Testing the Waters: Year 10 Work Experience 2018

The beginning of Term 3 each year means work experience for our Year 10s. This program is part of students’ Careers Education in Humanities course and aims to provide them with a week’s worth of practical experience in a profession they might be considering and to give them a taste of what’s involved with full-time work. Our students always conduct themselves well and do themselves and Rehoboth proud. Below are some summaries and notes from…

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Year 10 Tree Planting at Homestead Park

There was a feeling of winter in the air as the Year 10 students ventured out to plant seedlings in Homestead Park, Thornlie on Tuesday 26 June.

The rich clay soil was already prepared for planting, but the students found it challenging to dig through the heavy dirt to plant their seedlings. Each and every one of us enjoyed the opportunity to leave our computers behind and take in the fresh air…

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Pi Day and Paper Chains

Today, 14 March, the College – and particularly the Mathematics Department – celebrated International Pi Day.

This year saw the Year 7-10s take part in a couple of different activities over the course of the day, providing an opportunity to use their maths outside the regular classroom. The aim of the activities is for all students to be able to participate fully, and as such, they are not mathematical intensive activities. The…

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