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We Love to Learn and Play

In Pre-Primary Red we love to learn and play.

Joseph Chilton Pearce, who wrote a lot about child development, once said, “Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.”

George Bernard Shaw, who was playwright, said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

While there is no one definition of play, there are a number of agreed…

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The Gift of Music

On Wednesday 16 May, we had the privilege of celebrating the gift of music. Alec Duncan from Child’s Play Music is a musician who makes his own instruments from everyday resources.

Children were given the opportunity to play a variety of instruments created from loose parts such as PVC pipes, hose pipes, aluminum pipes, storm water pipes, and ex-food plastic carboys. We played on balloon bassoons made from PVC pipe, a balloon,…

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Credo 2017: On This We Stand

On Thursday 21 September, Wilson’s entire student body sang the truths of Scripture together at our school concert, filling the gymnasium with the sounds of “I Believe”. Credo 2017 was a celebration of the rediscovery of Biblical truths during the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago. The venue was “standing room” only as many family and friends attended.

We were privileged to “meet” Martin Luther, William Tyndale, John Calvin, John Wesley, and John Newton as “The…

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Around the World with Pre-Primary

God has created our world with so many different cultures, customs, plants, and animals to explore!

We started our Term with Australia, and had lots of fun with our bush campsite, campfire, and learning about Australian animals. We also looked at Aboriginal art and dance, and had a go at doing our own dot paintings. It was quite hard!

From Australia, we set off to other parts of the world! We looked at African stories,…

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Pre-Primary Students Enjoy the Outdoor Classroom

In Pre-Primary we utilise our beautiful playground as an addition to our classroom. This Term we have been exploring “Mini Beasts: God’s Little Helpers.” Our outdoor environment has been a huge assistance in growing our understanding of Mini Beasts and how God has called us to care for His creation.

God created worms to help keep the soil healthy and help water to get to the plants roots. They also help get rid of food…

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Togas, Music, Food, Dancing, and the Olympics

In Wilson Pre-Primary Red we have been learning about the world’s most spectacular sporting event – the Olympic Games – which are about to start in Rio.

We have been investigating why and how the ancient games started and why we have them today as the Modern Olympics. We brainstormed ideas and posed many ‘I Wonder’ questions. We made suggestions about the things we wanted to do and know. We wondered why the Olympic torches…

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Mystery Solved

The Wilson Pre-Primary students have engaged in a mysterious investigative journey all of Term 2. It all began one day at the beginning of the Term, when we discovered footprints and a big mess in our classrooms and kitchen as we came back inside from recess.

We collected the evidence and became detectives and forensic scientists as we examined each clue that was left behind and made conclusions about out visitor. The visitor came back…

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