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Lines: Year 12 Student Poem makes Primo Lux

Joslin’s poem “Lines” was recently chosen from amongst Year 10-12 students entries from all over WA, and has been published in Primo Lux, a prestigious anthology of poetry. Here is her entry:
Lines mar his skin, the ravages of time
trace jagged patterns across his aged face.
His once proud, youthful confidence, sublime,
stolen by society’s inexorable chase
after ephemeral physical perfection.
Gleaming hair, glistening…

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Student’s Work Published

Congratulations to Pfeiffer Myers whose poem “Baby” has been published in the May Edition 2014 of OzKids In Print, along with being posted on the OzKids internet site. As Pfeiffer’s work was chosen to be published, it is eligible for the 2014 Young Australian Writer’s Awards.


A little world she feels and sees,
Her mother’s hands,
Her mother’s knees.
She hides her face against her breast
And doesn’t care…

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