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Learning and Fun with this Thing Called Water

This Term in Year 2 we are investigating “This Thing We Call Water”. In Science and Humanities, we have been brainstorming all kinds of questions which we would like to find answers for.

In Week 2 we started our investigations. We all wanted to know what shape and colour water was and how come these seem to change? When we experimented with the shape of water we made lots of discoveries. In our small groups…

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Medieval Day

Is it possible to live a whole historical era in one day?

Probably not, but it might be possible to get a taste for the type of lives that ordinary people would have lived and the skills that they had. This was the aim of the Year 8 Medieval Day in the last week of Term 3.

Year 8 students spent their time preparing food over an open fire. Some students spent a long time…

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Year 10s Show Courage to Care

On Wednesday 29 August our Year 10s consolidated their history studies by participating in a program run by the Jewish community service organisation B’nai B’rith called “Courage to Care”. Unlike most Holocaust tours, this program is a celebration of the “Righteous among the Nations” – those who chose to stand up and confront discrimination and injustice, ordinary people who were extraordinary in their bravery and impact.

The program uses the stories of Holocaust…

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Year 10 Tree Planting at Homestead Park

There was a feeling of winter in the air as the Year 10 students ventured out to plant seedlings in Homestead Park, Thornlie on Tuesday 26 June.

The rich clay soil was already prepared for planting, but the students found it challenging to dig through the heavy dirt to plant their seedlings. Each and every one of us enjoyed the opportunity to leave our computers behind and take in the fresh air…

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Year 8 Humanities Market Day

The Year 8 Humanities class has been studying Economics and Geography this Semester. They were given the task of setting up a company, planning and producing a product, marketing and selling their product at a Market Day held on Wednesday 13 June. The profit from their business enterprise, after they have repaid their capital loan, contributes funding to the improvement of the outdoor quadrangle in the Endeavour area.

The students put in an awesome effort…

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A Beautiful Morning at the Falls

In our Year 8 Humanities class this Term, we’ve been learning about the different stages of rivers, the activity of each, how humans use these different stages, as well as our impact on the river ecosystem.

On Friday, 27 May, we went to the Lesmurdie Falls as part of our study on rivers in Humanities. It was a bright, beautiful morning and we all appreciated the opportunity to start the day out in…

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Year 9 Humanities Students visit Victoria Dam

“On 30 October our Year 9 classes went on an excursion to Victoria Dam. We went to view the structure and uses of the dam in Perth, and to find out why it is so important. We also learnt about the changes made to it over the years and how they have worked and improved the dam. It was a bit of walking, but it was interesting and I’m sure most people learnt something new.

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Year 9 Humanities Trip to Perth Museum

We are very pleased to share with you reports from two of our Year 9 students – Grace Bong and Rachael Fleming – who have written about their experiences visiting the Perth Museum, which was undertaken as part of their Humanities studies.

Excursion Report

In the morning after our Bible reading at school, we got on a school bus and travelled to Perth city. The bus then dropped us of just a few metres…

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