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Success: Finishing the Year Well

We have been discussing these questions in light of God’s Word and the plans He has for each one of us.

Success for us at Rehoboth is students who feel comfortable, safe, and valued in the learning environment as they learn to manage themselves, their reactions, and their use of time.

Success is knowing where we stand with Christ, our worth to Him, and acting on it. It is trying something new, persistence, growth, achievement…

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Keeping Exams in Perspective

You are probably aware that I see the value of exams and the skills learnt through the process of revision. There’s no doubt that exams are an important measure of a student’s academic ability (primarily for university entrance). However, they are just one measure of a child’s academic performance on a particular hour and day, under quite stressful and time pressured conditions. Many other skills and tasks go together to give an assessment of a…

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Why Exams?

In recent weeks, students across the State have been tackling WACE exams, and this week we published a whole timetable of approaching Year 7-11 Exams for our students. Yet for many, exams seem a necessary evil. They are time-consuming to study for, and to mark. And what are they testing? Are they really necessary? Aren’t there better alternatives? Critics often argue that exams promote a superficial understanding of topics, and that they fail to represent the…

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Exams – Why Do We Do Them?

The Year 11 and Year 12 Semester 1 exams have now been completed, and the Year 7-10 students will have completed their exams by the end of the week. This is the first time that we have run exams for our Year 7-9 students, and is part of our commitment to extending our students by ensuring their educational programs are academically rigorous. Teachers have spent time in preparing the students for these exams, which take place in…

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Be Prepared

As we are in the middle of the first Semester Exams, I thought it would be wise to complete the theme of exams (particularly as Year 11s are now underway and this will be followed by the Year 7-10 exams). Exams are not a situation we confront often, so it is good to be prepared in case something goes wrong.

What Should You Do if Things go Wrong? Panic Attacks

Symptoms include accelerated heart-beat, increase…

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Exam Techniques

As exams begin next Tuesday for our Year 12 students, and the following week for Year 11 students, a key issue to be addressed at this time of year is some of the common-sense tips on what to do, and what NOT to do, during exams.

What should you do on the day of the exam? On the morning of the exam, make sure you eat something, but not so much that it makes you…
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