Swimming a Highlight for Years 1-2

Swimming is always one of the of the school year.

There was much anticipation in the weeks leading up to swimming lessons. Checks were made every day to make sure that we had our:

  • Goggles – check
  • Towles – check
  • Thongs – check
  • Medication – check
  • Students – check
  • Teacher – check

Then it was time to pile into the bus!

Year 1 and Year 2 students gained much more confidence while they refined their swimming skills over the last two weeks. We practised our floating, diving, freestyle, kicking, breathing, and of course, listening! Two weeks of swimming ended with squeals of delight as we wrapped it up with fun and games.

We marvel at the way God made our human bodies to move and function so that we can survive, work and play!


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