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Super Cool Science @ Curtin

Super Cool Science @ Curtin

Visiting Curtin University prompted a discussion on how God has a purpose for each of us.

Recently the Kenwick Year 6 class had the opportunity to visit Curtin as part of their STEM outreach program.

A brisk walk across campus saw us arrive at their Physics Lab, where we started our phases of matter investigation using supercooled dry ice. After a very cool session (pun intended) where we were shown how to safely handle dry ice, we set about conducting four separate challenges.

We learnt how to measure the amount of gas released using a balloon to capture the gas. We recreated screaming spoons, floating bubbles, and pH rainbows all with the aid of our supply of dry ice. 

Our STEM session concluded with the making of maple flavoured ice-cream with the addition of liquid nitrogen to cool it down. We have decided that maple flavoured ice-cream is the perfect ice-cream flavour when on excursion.

We enjoyed a refreshing break, resting our feet on the grassed area in front of the massive library, before walking the length of the sprawling campus. We found the hammock hotel, a building covered in grass, many giant chess sets, a proliferation of cafés and pondered over many of the art installations throughout the whole campus.

As a class, we were amazed by how big the campus was and how many different subject options are available.

We were also dazzled by the facilities that were available throughout. We walked past state of the art facilities, accommodation, hairdressers, doctors and even a supermarket on campus.

This prompted a discussion on how God has a purpose for each of us. For some of us going to university will be part of God’s plan for us and as such, it is important to work hard and study. 

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