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Successfully Making the Titration National Finals

They kept their cool, trust in God, and persisted to do their best, no matter how terrible they thought they did.

The Year 11 and 12 Chemistry students recently participated in an analytical Chemistry competition. In the competition, students used the Titration technique to determine the concentration of acids and bases. The competition is designed to encourage students who enjoy Chemistry, particularly its practical side, to develop their skills and reward those who attain a high level of proficiency. Every secondary school in the metropolitan area, including interested country schools, were invited to enter two teams consisting of three members each.

Our students put up an incredible performance on the night. Despite some unexpected challenges faced on the night, they were able to keep their cool, trust in God, and persisted in doing the best they could in the competition, no matter how terrible they thought they did.

As a result, one of our teams, consisting of Jeremy Chua, Ben Fairlamb, and Jordan Chapman ranked second in the WA regional round of the competition. This is an outstanding achievement, considering we were competing against many elite schools and the usual champion schools in WA.

Jeremy, Ben and Jordan will now be enlisted to participate in the National Final in August, representing WA to compete against the rest of the states in Australia. We wish them all the best in the National Final!

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