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Success: Finishing the Year Well

ML Success

We have been discussing these questions in light of God’s Word and the plans He has for each one of us.

Success for us at Rehoboth is students who feel comfortable, safe, and valued in the learning environment as they learn to manage themselves, their reactions, and their use of time.

Success is knowing where we stand with Christ, our worth to Him, and acting on it. It is trying something new, persistence, growth, achievement at the next step, doing something well, resilience, and developing empathy for others.

To achieve success, we must “have a go”. Wayne Gretzky, a professional Canadian ice hockey player and former head coach, said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

As our academic year draws to a close my prayer is that each student will approach these final weeks with diligence and “take a shot” so that they reach the point of success that they have set for themselves.

School staff are here supporting and preparing students to finish well in all areas and I pray for each family as you support your children through these final weeks.

Year 12 exams are finished, Year 11 are almost there, and Year 7-10 are still to come. While exams are not the major focus for life, they are a way for students to show their knowledge and skills in various areas; a way for them to test themselves and find out what they need to learn next.

In competing the course of study for this year each student can draw strength from family support and prayer, staying engaged, organised, thinking ahead, striving for their best, and studying smart.

Image: Leah van Dam (Year 10 Visual Communications)

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