Code of Conduct

For as long as a student is enrolled, that student is always a member of the College

Code of Conduct

Because God is interested in, and is sovereign over, all aspects of our lives, our aim for students is to help them achieve and develop not only academically, but spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. This is why we set a high expectation for our students – we want them to grow in their understanding of this as they mature into young men and women of character. This is reflected in our Student Code of Conduct, which sets standards for personal, corporate, and public life during their time at Rehoboth.

Personal Life

Since Rehoboth is first and foremost a Christian College, it follows that the prevailing atmosphere should be one that honours God and is pleasing to Him.

Corporate Life

The College is not primarily the buildings, but the people – students and staff. It is important that we recognise and respect the legitimate rights of others in the College. Jesus was, and is, a great respecter of people. We have only to read the Gospels to see how He treated people, and to know how we also should treat them. Occasionally it is appropriate to correct others. It is never correct to be destructively critical or legalistic.

As well as respecting people, it is important that we respect property, both personal and that of others.

When a student accepts membership of a College team, group, or club, the student accepts all the commitments involved in that membership.

Public Life

For as long as a student is enrolled, that student is always a member of the College. Therefore, the standard set in the College and in public, should be the same. Standards must be consistent, and maintained. This is especially so when wearing the College uniform, since that uniform identifies you as a member of the College community.

In matters not specifically covered by the Code of Behaviour or College Rules, members of the College will observe the principles outlined above concerning the dignity of each person, respect for others and their property, and mutual cooperation. Enrolment at the College implies acceptance of the Code by students and their parents or guardians.

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