Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Because God is sovereign over all aspects of our lives, our aim for students is to help them develop and mature not only academically, but spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. This is why we have high expectations for our students – we want them to grow in their understanding of this as they mature into young men and women who strive to emulate Christ. This is reflected in our Code of Conduct for students, which sets out the standards for personal, corporate, and public life during their time at Rehoboth.

All students are expected to submit to authority and abide by the rules, regulations, and procedures of the College.

Enrolment at Rehoboth implies acceptance of this Code of Conduct by students and their parents or guardians. Parents and students are therefore encouraged to read this Code together prior to enrolment.

Living a Life Consistent with Biblical Principles

All students are to live a life consistent with Biblical principles. This is achieved by:

  • acting with honesty and integrity
  • accurately presenting information to students and their families
  • presenting facts in an honest and complete manner
  • maintaining the highest standards of behaviour
  • conducting themselves in an ethical manner
  • not initiating rumours or circulating false acts, and ensuring that rumours are not passed on in a way which could be construed as fact
  • striving to be imitators of Christ and good citizens, to shine the light of Jesus and by doing so, achieve the respect of the community

Personal Life

Since Rehoboth is first and foremost a Christian College, it follows that the prevailing atmosphere should be one that honours God and is pleasing to Him.

Corporate Life

Rehoboth is not primarily the buildings or facilities, but the people – students and staff. It is important that we recognise and respect the rights of others in the College. Jesus was the ultimate example of how to treat each other:

  • occasionally it is appropriate to correct others. All such correction should be done in the spirit of love and should never be destructively critical or legalistic
  • as well as respecting people, it is important that we respect property, both personal and that belonging to the College
  • when a student accepts membership of a College team, group, or club, the student accepts all the commitments involved in that membership.

Public Life

For as long as a student is enrolled, that student is always a member of the College. Therefore, the standard set out whether within the College or in public should be the same. Standards must be consistent, and maintained:

  • this is especially so when wearing the College uniform, since that uniform identifies you as a member of the College community
  • in matters not specifically covered by this Code of Conduct or College Rules, members of the College will observe the principles outlined above concerning the dignity of each person, respect for others and their property, and mutual cooperation

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