Careers and Training

Careers and Training

You are often asked to start considering what you would like to do once you graduate early on in your Secondary schooling. Do you go to university, or TAFE? Start an apprenticeship, or go straight into a job? Do you take that gap year to consider your options? How do you figure out what God’s plan for your life really is?

Fortunately, there are plenty of options these days to assist you in achieving your goals, and many of them start with some smart decision making while you’re still at school. Take the time to make some enquiries, ask your parents to go along with you to an open day or two, and prayerfully consider your choices. Find out exactly what the entry requirements are for the tertiary courses you’re interested in, and take your aptitudes, strengths, and weaknesses into account.

To be academically successful in Years 11-12, you will need the motivation to commit regular time to homework and studying. Just as Paul explained the Christian life to the Corinthians as a race that needed perseverance and discipline to win, you will need to apply these same principles to your learning if you want to achieve your personal best. Setting achievable goals and deciding how much time you are going to allow for school work, and how much for other interests is vital. If you need some pointers on creating a study schedule, just ask.

And don’t forget, the VET Coordinator, your Head of Students, and Form teachers are always willing to help you work through any study, careers, or training questions you may have.


Studying at university provides a wonderful opportunity for personal growth as you work towards your degree, and Rehoboth’s selection of courses provides the prerequisites for virtually all university courses. Visit the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC) for more information:

VET Program

The Vocational Education and Training Program involves Training WA studies one day a week (usually on a Friday), or two days a week (on a Thursday/Friday), in a program selected from the list offered by South and North Metropolitan TAFE.

The VETS Program is offered to current Year 10 and Year 11 students. You will be notified of opening and closing dates and how to apply, and an interview with the VET Coordinator is required.

The VET Program is a great way to gain practical experience and recognised qualifications in an area of interest.

Ready to Start the Enrolment Process?

Partner with us to develop the whole child, which includes their spiritual, moral, and academic growth, and their personal and social development.

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