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Steptember: Fundraising for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Steptember 2017

On Tuesday 17 October, we hosted a staff morning tea to raise funds for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and their September initiative.

September was a month-long event that challenged participants to take 10,000 steps a day for 28 consecutive days to raise awareness for cerebral palsy (CP), as it is a physical condition that affects movement and posture.

CP is an umbrella term that covers a group of conditions affecting a person’s ability to move. It is a permanent and lifelong condition, but generally does not worsen over time. CP affects people in different ways and can affect body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture, and balance.

Ebeni Thygesen, one of our Year 7 students living with CP, helped with the preparations for this morning tea with the assistance of Mrs Classen. She was even rewarded for her efforts with some of the goodies from the morning tea!

Thanks to the generosity of staff members, family, and friends, our team managed to raise a total of $1,187 in support of the 1,189,822 steps we took during September! These funds will go towards the Alliance’s work with those living with CP in the form of treatment, equipment, support for family members, training for physical therapists and the like.

Thank you for your support of the CP Alliance’s work!

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