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Swimming Lessons

It was with much excitement that the children in Pre-Primary to Year 3 boarded the bus to go to StateSwim last Monday. We consider water safety to be very important in a country like Australia and this was a great opportunity for the students to develop their skills. It was good to see that many students advanced to the next swimming level. Well done to everyone!

Here are some stories the students in Year 1 have written about their Swimming Lessons:

“I enjoy State swim because I like swimming and once the bus driver wore a cowboy hat. At State swim I’m in Glides group. Swimming is fun.
– Joshua

“Nathan and me went in the water. It was fun and this time I am going to do a backflip.”
– Stephen

“We first get changed. The girls get changed first, then the boys. We get to play in our swimmers. Then we get on the bus. The bus driver had a cowboy hat.”
– Josie

“At swimming I like tumble turns. I like torpedoes because I enjoy kicking my legs.”
– Daniel

“My favourite thing is swimming at the deep end.”
– Josephine

“I like swimming because at the end of the lesson, when we have time, we play one or two games and free time. In free time we get to do more swimming and when we are done we do a high five.”
– Flora

“At swimming I like to play ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ and catching seals. I like to slide in the pool and I like to do over-arms. The rules are no jumping in the pool and I like to have free time.”
– Zara

“The swimming rules are… no jumping, no going under water and no talking when the teacher is talking to you. My favourite thing to play is ring a ring a rosy.”
– Ruth

“I enjoy swimming because we do back kick. The rules are no diving and don’t put your head under water because you can’t hear under water. I also like going on the bus because if you look through the window it looks so high up.”
– Esther

“My favourite thing to do is go in the deep end. In the deep end I like to do somersaults.”
– Isaac

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