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Spot the Difference: Year 1 Science

On Thursday, 14 February we had our first combined Year 1 Science lesson. This Term our program is called “Spot the Difference” where students learn about the change in foods through a chemical reaction.

We will also be linking our school threads and looking at “Discovering Patterns,” where students explore and discover God’s patterns and designs for delighting in and/or using for the benefit of all.

One of our challenges this year will be “Overcoming Setbacks,” where students overcome challenges or failures through the strength of the Spirit and live in hope and faith. We would like all students to grow in their abilities and not be afraid to make mistakes, to “never give up, but to try and try again”.

Our lesson began when we were presented with a mystery object. Students had to examine the mystery object to see if they could find any clues. We discussed how we could use our senses to help us work out what the object could be. Some words that described the object was “runny”, “liquid”, “melted” and “cold”. We decided that it must be a melted icy-pole. However, as any good scientist, we did not taste it in case it was NOT an icy-pole! We discussed if it was possible for the icy-pole to change back to its original state. We decided we would need to put it in the freezer to test this theory.

“It looks like it could be black current flavoured because its purple” – Adrien

“I don’t care, I want to taste it because Scientists NEVER give up!!” – Renae

Next, we were presented with another mystery object – but this time it was hidden away. Brave students could feel the object and had to use describing words to give the rest of the Year 1s clues. “Sticky”, “slimy”, “soft”, and “cold” were among some of the words used to describe… cooked spaghetti!

Again, we discussed how the spaghetti had changed from its original state (uncooked/hard) to become soft, stretchy and sticky. We then read a funny poem about spaghetti and students could illustrate a part of the poem using cooked spaghetti. Students were given the challenge to build a spaghetti tower using uncooked spaghetti. Unfortunately, this was harder than they thought and we decided we would need to work on building these skills!

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