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Solar Ovens

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For Year 3 Science in Term 1, we learnt about heating. We discovered what materials were good insulators and conductors of heat. At the conclusion of the Term we made Solar Pizza Box Ovens. Here is what we have to say about what we learnt and did:

“Some of the photos show when we were recording how hot it was inside our solar oven. We were a very good team and we had lots of fun making the solar oven. We had fun doing the experiment” – Isaac

“My group put cookies, marshmallows, and chocolates into our oven. We recorded how hot it was in the pizza box. Our hottest record was 42 degrees celsius” Andre

“The best thing I liked about making our pizza box ovens was working together as a team. It was fun putting the pieces down and reading the instructions” – Sally

“My friends and I made our own solar oven and we ate chocolate and marshmallows. When we finished we saw our highest temperature was 51 degrees celsius” – Austin

“Mark, Tim and I melted chocolate on a marshmallow. Tim looked at the thermometer every 30 seconds. We used insulators. The highest temperature was 27 degrees” – Cullen

“I enjoyed how the solar oven worked and that we got to eat chocolate. It was really fun also seeing the thermometer work” – Wesley

“One of the photos shows us putting our pizza box together. It is also my favourite part of the project. The next day we tested to see if the chocolate would melt or not. It eventually melted and we got to eat the chocolate!” – Shemaiah

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