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Sharing Songs at Frederick Guest Hostel

Sharing Songs at Frederick Guest Hostel

It was a joy to be able to bless the residents with our singing and to spend time talking with them!

Students in the Primary Choir at Wilson enjoyed a fun and very rewarding excursion to Amana Living Frederick Guest Hostel in Bull Creek. It was such a joy to be able to bless the residents with our singing and to spend time talking with them! Here are some of our thoughts and comments about the excursion…

“It felt a bit scary singing to a new audience but it was a lot of fun. I liked seeing the smiles on the audience’s faces!” – Bethany

“It was a nice experience. It was my first time singing in a nursing home.” – Aaron Z

“We enjoyed talking to the older people and learning about their past. One of the residents told us about what it was like when she waws in a choir. She said that she sang soprano in church and when the two lead singers weren’t there, the whole choir was a total mess!” Anna and Angelina

“I really enjoyed speaking to the residents. I met someone that has been at Frederick Guest Hostel for six years and someone for one year.” – Emma

“I liked talking to the residents because they had really interesting answers to our questions.” – Finn

“When we sang at Frederick Guest Hostel, there were quite a few elderly people there who seemed excited to see us. I think ‘Loch Lomond’ sounded absolutely beautiful in their lounge room! The residents seemed very appreciative of our music. Later on, we went to talk to them and we found out that they did have a good time and they did enjoy the music!” – Mila 

“It was fun and I got to meet some new people!” – Leisel

“The residents were really nice and so was the hostel. I felt a bit nervous but it was also really fun.” – Renae

“It was so fun! I really enjoyed it because all the people at Frederick Guest Hostel were really nice. It was different to other excursions because we interacted with other people a bit more. It was interesting to talk to the residents.” – Adele

“I loved seeing that some of the audience were singing along with us.” – Lian

“It was an exciting excursion. It would be fun to do something like this again.” – Laila

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