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Welcome to the student portal, a powerful tool that allows you access to a whole range of learning resources, course outlines, study timetables, and assessments.

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Student Resources

There is a wealth of excellent resources available to students in virtually every learning area. We want to help you separate the good from the bad by giving you a few pointers here. Your teachers will also be able to give you some guidance on selecting reputable sources that will suit your projects and assignments.

As you advance to higher Year levels, you’ll need to develop good study habits, more discerning research skills, and an ability to think deeply and communicate effectively. Sometimes that can seem daunting, especially if study isn’t your thing. Our job is to help you develop these skills so that you can achieve the best you can in ways that are God-honouring and personally fulfilling.

Apps are also available for SEQTA Learn on both iPhone and Android devices. Please speak to your parents before downloading.