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Secondary Cross Country Carnival

Secondary Cross Country Carnival

Our focus was for all students to be able to develop their endurance and ability to maintain a stable pace when running.

On 11 May, the Secondary students participated in the annual House Cross Country Carnival. Our focus in Physical Education preceding the carnival was for all students to be able to develop their endurance and ability to maintain a stable pace when running. Running at a blistering pace definitely takes training and conditioning. Our focus was on individually improving fitness so that students are able to participate to the best of their ability.

Running is not only the foundation of most sports, but it is a highly social activity where students can challenge themselves against each other but also encourage one another. Organising the Cross Country Carnival in larger groups facilitated this and it was great to see so many staff getting involved also. 

House Winners:

217 points
152 points
145 points

Congratulations to all students who participated and did their best with particular accolades going to the medal winners below.

Year Student House
Year 7 Boy Champion Thandol Tshuma Tyndale
Year 7 Boy Runner Up Achnaff Sayon Wycliffe
Year 7 Girl Champion Joyce Mwenda Wycliffe
Year 7 Girl Runner Up Joyce Oladipo Wycliffe
Year 8 Boy Champion Andre Burger Wycliffe
Year 8 Boy Runner Up Oscar Lee Wycliffe
Year 8 Girl Champion Izelke Nagel Tyndale
Year 8 Runner Up Sophia Harris Newton
Year 9 Boy Champion Ivan Nagel Tyndale
Year 9 Boy Runner Up Akira Hunter Newton
Year 9 Girl Champion Sariek Bongers Wycliffe
Year 9 Girl Runner Up Selina Norman Newton
Year 10 Boy Champion Seth Povey Wycliffe
Year 10 Boy Runner Up Ben Randall Wycliffe
Year 10 Girl Champion Alex Verkerk Newton
Year 10 Girl Runner Up Ellyssa Klomp Newton
Year 11 Boy Champion Ethan Douglas Wycliffe
Year 11 Boy Runner Up Jayden Moss Tyndale
Year 11 Girl Champion Kayla Bongers Wycliffe
Year 11 Girl Runner Up Tamika Klomp Newton
Year 12 Boy Champion Samuel Badiashile Wycliffe
Year 12 Boy Runner Up Samuel Sillah Newton
Year 12 Girl Champion Tori Moss Tyndale
Year 12 Girl Runner Up (Draw) Hannah Beaney Wycliffe
Year 12 Girl Runner Up (Draw) Hayley Kuilenberg Wycliffe

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