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Search and Rescue and Emergency Services: Cadets on Camp

Early in Term 3 the Rehoboth Emergency Services Cadets had the opportunity to participate in a Cadet Camp.

As well as concentrating on personal challenge and growth through high-rope courses, the camp focused on learning about various Emergency Services agencies. We visited the Fremantle Sea Rescue service to tour their facilities, learnt about the Volunteer Marine Rescue Service and got an understanding of the role these volunteers play in keeping Western Australians safe while boating on the water.

We also visited the State Emergency Services (SES) and Fire Rescue Services (FRS) in Beckenham and learnt about the various methods of rescues and services that are provided to people in need during emergencies. We used this visit to launch into our Term 3 focus on “Search and Rescue” and learnt about various search methods, rescue carries, radio communications, personal protective equipment, knot-tying and how to use generators and lighting.

We are blessed to have over seventy cadets involved in the program. It is great to see their enthusiasm in learning new skills that may prepare them for community service opportunities or being able to help others in need.

As Term 4 begins, we plan to conduct an excursion to Bounce Inc. as a farewell to our Year 12 students who will be finishing up their time in the Cadets program. This includes Valdis Tan, Ivan Ca’o and Sean Gibbon, the latter of whom has been a faithful squad leader and Cadet representative on the Student Council. On behalf of the Cadet Instructors, we would like to thank these Senior Cadets for the involvement and encouragement of others.

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