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Science Rules! Year 4 Experiments of All Kinds

Kenwick Year 4 students will likely remember 2019 as the year of experiments as they developed their Science skills and knowledge.

Plants and erosion experiment

Recently the Year 4 class conducted an experiment to find out how much soil erosion is affected by growing plants and fallen leaves.

‘In our experiment we had three trays. Tray number one had just soil, tray number two had soil and leaf litter and tray three had soil and grass growing in it. We put all three trays on the slope of the stairs by the outdoor stage, put containers under each tray and poured one litre of water onto the trays with a watering can.

We waited five minutes for the water to reach each container and we wrote down the results. Tray one eroded the most and the water was almost black. Tray two was in the middle and the colour was light brown. Tray three had the cleanest and clearest water. This experiment taught us that plants help to prevent erosion as the plant roots hold onto the soil’ – Ceanna

Here is what some of the Year 4 students had to say about Science this year

‘My favourite experiment was when we were testing friction with race cars. It was my favourite because we could see if the car would go fast or slow on different materials. The car went faster on the aluminium foil and the polyester fabric. The car went slower on the sandpaper and towelling. I learned that friction slows down motion. I have also learned about force and distance and what a magnetic field looks like’ – Gabrielle

‘My favourite experiment was probably the Balloon Rocket Push when we were learning about forces. We threaded a straw onto a length of fishing line between two chairs and blew up a balloon and taped it onto the straw. Then we let go of the balloon and it flew across the fishing line to the other side. It was the best!’ – Ikodiya

‘This year in Science, I’ve learnt about erosion and weathering and how erosion and acid rain can pull away at the earth’s surface and create cracks in rocks and other amazing landforms that have all been created by our Lord’ – Jamie

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