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Science Experiments, Electric Windmills and Abstract Art

Science Experiments, Electric Windmills and Abstract Art

What happens when you mix Science experiments, electric windmills and abstract art? You have a Year 4 excursion to SciTech and the Art Gallery.

Recently, the Wilson Year 4 classes had an excursion to SciTech. They got to explore the variety of hands-on activities available there. One of the favourite things that they did at SciTech was changing pipes to make a ball move in the right direction. Also, students learnt about forces, push-pull and magnets. 

Students were challenged to make a windmill that generates the most amount of power by using different sized blades in a round rotor. As you can see from the photos above, students worked together to adjust, change and modify their windmill to maximise its wind power.

The weather was stormy, but students were able to enjoy lunch in the sun in Northbridge, watching the birds whilst having a restful break.

Then finally, students tackled the Art Gallery. Groups split up and explored different corners of the gallery, under the watchful eye of the security guards. In one area of the gallery, there were broken sticks on the ground. One of the students stepped on a stick and picked it up, then found out that it was actually part of an art exhibit!

Students made straw sculptures and learnt about Indigenous craft. It was so good to ‘cultivate curiosity,’ learning about the world God has given us to explore. Students went home with stories to tell, and increased desire to learn and discover more. 

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