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Sail on with Captain Jesus! Leonora Day 6-7

Sail on with Captain Jesus! Leonora Day 6-7

It's the last days of this year's Leonora Mission Trip

And Dance the Horn Pipe Down!
Day 6: Thursday 3 October

Today was a lot less hectic as previous days. This was because a lot less children came (Wednesday tends to be the biggest day). We hit the slope of the week, but the kids who did come had a great time. This morning’s session was about the ‘C’ of Change. We performed the story of Zacheceus and how Jesus changed his heart. The kids, once again, really enjoyed the activities and were more creative with the game ideas. They performed the songs better and were more bold with singing and dancing. Many of the leaders are getting attached to the kids, so leaving them will be hard. It was one of my kids’ (Becca) birthday today (Jaydee). We all sang for her and gave her a card and present.

The leaders (us) went to see the ghost town in Leonora. It was really cool to learn about the history of Leonora and the mines and to see all the artifacts. Once we got back, we had an afternoon barbecue together. For this session, we had a lot more kids join in. They all enjoyed themselves with playing sports, running around and tug of war. We all enjoyed the snags for dinner!

Rebecca and Avery

Sail on with Captain Jesus as the Saviour of Your Life!
Day 7: Friday 4 October

Today was probably one of the saddest days overall because it was the last day. Nah, but today was still really good fun, having fun with all the kids one last time, screaming our hearts out at the songs, which we finally got right on our last attempt, and finally being able to remember all the moves to the songs we ‘loved so much’, especially the rainbow song which was the best overall. The ‘Serving Captain Jesus’ song will be embedded in our minds for the next week and maybe the rest of our lives.

After we had done our final Bible skits and the finale for the Watt family adventure we gave away awards to the children that our leaders picked as the most  well behaved and most consistent kids that came to the program. After that, we had a massive balloon drop where we had balloons filled with lollies thrown down for the kids to stomp on and then receive lollies (the highlight of this part wasn’t the joy on the kids faces but it was the joy of seeing a balloon pop mid air and one of the lollies wack a leader in the face). To end the day, we had dinner at the local pub, where we were served a very classy fish and chips (which was delicious by the way) and afterwards we all danced most of the night away.

Isaiha and Ryan

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