Rocking the SSMS Eisteddfod

On Saturday 28 October, three Rehoboth students competed in the guitar section of the South Suburban Music Society Eisteddfod. The SSMS Eisteddfod is a prestigious music competition which involves some of the best young musicians from around Perth playing their various instruments in a range of categories.

Benjamin Witcombe (Year 6 Kenwick), Isaac Lai (Year 6 Wilson) and Emily Hobday (Year 7) all competed in the classical guitar section across two categories: the under 13s solo and the under 13s recital.

Congratulations to Benjamin, who won 1st prize in the solo category and to Isaac Lai who finished 2nd. Congratulations also to Emily Hobday who won 1st prize in the recital category.

Their outstanding placings are due to their tireless hard work, determination, and diligence in their guitar studies.

Image: PublicDomainPictures.net

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