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Rocket Science

Rocket Science 001Last Friday, Mr Hobday came to teach us how to make hovercrafts and rockets. Firstly, he asked us what a mechanical engineer does. I said that they build rockets and robots.

Then, Mr Hobday showed us how to make hovercrafts. We stuck the pop-top lids on a CD and tightened a balloon on. Then, we blew it up and let it go.

Next, we went to the oval to make a rocket. It was so fun. What you do is, put a bicycle valve to lid. After that, attach a bottle with water to about half way. Hold the bottle with two hands and pump until it blows into the air.

Mr Hunter said that if we catch the rocket we could get a prize. I figured out that the smaller the bottle, and the lesser the water, we could make the rocket go higher because of more force. That was one of the best Fridays ever!

Amberley Sow

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