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Responding to God’s Creation: Biological Science in Year 1/2

This Term in the Year 1/2 class, we are learning all about Biological Science. We have appreciated that God created the world and filled it with an abundance of beautiful plants and animals. This unit ties in well with the Biblical thread “Caretaking the Earth”, where students “actively respond to God’s call to carefully manage all of creation”.

Our art project tied nicely into our Science unit last week as we drew and painted beautiful, bright sunflowers, backed onto a blue sky. We used pencils, crayons, paint brushes and our fingers to create personalised flowers filled with vibrant, earthy colours. Sunflowers have been a focus this Term as an example of a living thing that is able to create new life and also requires nutrients, water and air.

The purpose of this visual arts lesson was to use art elements, such as shape and colour, to represent familiar ideas; in this case, a sunflower. The purpose was also to experiment with different techniques when making artwork. We experimented in this lesson by using our fingertips instead of a paint brush to paint the seeds in the flower.

The children loved this activity, many commenting on the beautiful colours that were used. The final product has provided us with a bright classroom display, and demonstrates the unique God-given talents of each child. Some comments from the children were:

“I love these colours, they are beautiful”
“It’s fun using our fingers to paint”
“Our sunflowers look different to the dead sunflower in the garden”

Sunflowers are an amazing part of creation that portray God’s greatness. As well as scientific concepts, sunflowers also portray mathematical concepts, specifically, the Fibonacci sequence. This is evident in the way the seeds spiral towards the centre. Next time you pass a sunflower, take a moment to appreciate its intricate details. God is great!

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