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Relishing Play: Project-Based Learning in Year 1-2

Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed their first Project-Based Learning session last Wednesday. We are using this Term to focus on the thread of “Relishing Play” from the curriculum resource Transformation by DesignThis thread is focussed on “students having an attitude of joy-filled play as they respond to what God has provided and Christ has restored”.

This Term we are going to be using our God-given creativity to create board games. We started last week with all of our students bringing in board games from home. We broke into groups of four people and worked together to play each other’s games. We learnt how games have rules and also learnt the importance of taking turns. Some of the games we played included Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Trouble and Uno.

Some observations that the students made included:

  • “Lots of games use a board”
  • “I have to wait my turn to throw the dice”
  • “I had to ask my friend how to play this game”
  • “I wonder what kind of game I could make up?”

It was a pleasure to watch the Year 2s  assist and help the Year 1s through their first Project-Based Learning session. As the weeks unfold, we will be planning, creating and playing our board games. We cannot wait to see what is created in the Term ahead.

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