Rehoboth Shines at ACC Swimming Carnival

Wow, what an awesome third season to Rehoboth’s participation with the Associated and Catholic Colleges competitions.

Last week’s Swimming Carnival (Monday 18 March) was a resounding success with so many students being involved. Our God of joyful blessings yet again made a Swimming Carnival a time of celebration for our school community as we shared our skills, efforts and enthusiasm, working together in our teams for the benefit and joy of the whole community.

Rehoboth Christian College were the of the ACC (H Division) Swimming Carnival.

Rehoboth the Combined Aggregate and also the Girls and Boys Aggregate Shields

Overall Scores

School Boys Score Girls Score Total
Rehoboth 414 411 825
Grace 398 378 776
Carmel 372 345 717
Mundaring 366 311 677
Strathalbyn 305 360 665
Court Grammar 272 310 582
Cornerstone 249 254 503
St Andrew's 292 191 483
Ellenbrook 175 301 476

Age Champions, Representative Team and Record Breakers

The ACC does not announce age championship winners at the carnivals. Championship winners are posted on their website after the carnival and competitors each receive a certificate of acknowledgment.

Following the series of carnivals, the ACC will compare all results and select an honorary All-Star team of the best performers in each event across all carnival divisions. Students selected in the All-Star team will receive a pin badge and certificate of acknowledgment from the ACC. Any student that sets or equals a record at an ACC carnival will also be presented with a certificate of acknowledgement after the carnivals.

All the results from the H Division Swimming Carnival are available on the ACC website.

Top Scoring Competitors

Boys U/13

Place Student School Score
1st Filippos Stergiou St Andrew's 50
2nd Elijah Vandersteen Mundaring 47
3rd Aberly Arianto Rehoboth 43
4th Michael Altieri Court Grammar 38

Girls U/13

Place Student School Score
1st Portia James-Wallace Strathalbyn 50
2nd Charlee Eaves Court Grammar 47
3rd Jada Behr Carmel 43
4th Rebecca Morling Rehoboth 32

Boys U/14

Place Student School Score
1st Konstantinos Stergiou St Andrew's 52
2nd Richard Cai Rehoboth 46
3rd Finlay McRobbie Mundaring 46
4th Lochlan Taylor Strathalbyn 33

Boys U/15

Place Student School Score
1st Stephen Walters Grace 63
2nd Daniel White Ellenbrook 41
3rd Pranav Meghani St Andrew's 36
4th Jonas Magsaysay Rehoboth 35

Girls U/15

Place Student School Score
1st Bethany Hannen-Williams Mundaring 48
2nd Kayla Bongers Rehoboth 40
3rd Amber Caddy Court Grammar 31
4th Montana Yorkshire Ellenbrook 31

Boys U/19

Place Student School Score
1st Brynn Twyman Carmel 63
2nd Zach Beaney Rehoboth 62
3rd Connor Kurten Grace 43
4th Ewan van de Nadort Mundaring 33

Newpaper Coverage

Overall team results and Age Champions were also published in The West Australian on 19 March in the brief sports section.

I thank the teachers and parents who were giving so generously of their time to help make the carnival a wonderful day and the students who were working hard to encourage team spirit and sportsmanship. All officials were impressed by the behaviour, sportsmanship and team camaraderie shown by the Rehoboth team and this made for a very enjoyable day for all involved.

May we all continue to grow together in a spirit of joy and love in our continued ventures with the ACC. It’s with great anticipation that we look forward to the ACC Cross-Country in Term 2 and Athletics in Term 3.


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