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Rehoboth Sets a High Standard

Your School 002Is Rehoboth the school for your child?  This is a great question to ask, and can be answered in a number of ways. We would say that, first and foremost, we are aiming to grow Christian character, teach students a Christian (Biblical) world view, and challenge them to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

But what about the academics? As a school, we also believe in excellence in our academic and vocational programs. But to what extent are we delivering on our aims? Many parents, quite rightly, want feedback on the kind of educational standards they can expect at Rehoboth.

In The Weekend Australian newspaper each year, there is a Your School lift out. This compares school results taken from the NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) testing published on the My School website. As you know, these tests are given to each Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 student in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy. An aggregate score for each school is calculated based on the results in reading, writing and numeracy, which The Weekend Australian judges as the best indicator of overall student performance. This newspaper publishes tables of the Nation’s Top 100 Primary Schools, Top 100 Secondary Schools, and so on. It then breaks this down further into the Top Schools by State. The Weekend Australian published this data is its issue on June 20-21, 2015.

In the Top Schools by State table, Rehoboth Christian College – Kenwick was ranked 25th among WA schools

This table reflects the overall Primary and Secondary academic health of the College, as it is an independent measure which is taken from Year 3 through to Year 9, and it includes students from both Kenwick and Wilson Campuses. These results are comparable to last year’s, when Rehoboth also performed extremely well and was ranked 28th in the State in this table with a score of 3501.

Now, a good score in one year may indicate several strong year groups.  However, the excellent results obtained last year, (these students are in now in Year 4, 6, 8 and 10), taken with the excellent results this year (all well above state and national averages), are a very good indication of the overall standard of teaching that is taking place, and the learning culture of the school.

It also reflects that Rehoboth is improving and moving up, which is great to see, particularly when comparing our College against the larger and more affluent schools. It is also very pleasing to see a number of Christian schools being represented in the list of Top 50 Schools.

How to read the table:

  • ICSEA* – refers to the Index of Community Socio-Education Advantage, which is a measure for comparing schools on the basis of socioeconomic characteristics.
  • Sector – identifies which schools are in the Government, Catholic, or Independent sectors.
RankSchoolSectorICSEA*Score 2014
*Perth ModernG1243N/A
1Hale, Wembley DownsI11863746
2All Saints College,BullcreekI11723733
3St Mary’s Anglican Girls’, KarrinyupI11763725
4St Hilda’s, Mosman ParkI12013711
5MLC, ClaremontI11733704
6Christchurch Grammar, ClaremontI12033702
*Rossmoyne Senior HighG1138N/A
7International School of WA, City BeachI11743676
8PLC, Peppermint GroveI11513674
9Perth College, Mt LawleyI11653648
10Scotch College, SwanbourneI11823636
11Penrhos College, ComoI11273628
12John Calvin Christian College, ArmadaleI10793601
13Bunbury Cathedral Grammar, GelorupI11303595
14Iona Presentation College, Mosman ParkC11253594
15Wesley College, South PerthI11553583
16St Mark’s Anglican Community, HillarysI11193582
17Santa Maria College, AttadaleC11243577
18John XXIII College, Mount ClaremontC11683576
19Ursula Frayne Catholic, Victoria ParkC10893565
20Sacred Heart College, SorrentoC11123564
21Carmel College, DianellaI11593561
22Frederick Irwin Anglican, MandurahI10833553
=22Mercedes College, PerthC11103553
24Guildford GrammarI11063525
25Rehoboth Christian College, KenwickI11053523
26Trinity College, East PerthC11143521
27Murdoch CollegeI11103519
28Woodthorpe, WillettonI10323511
29Schools of Isolated and Distance EducationG10933508
30Aquinas College, ManningC10733502
31Helena CollegeI11213490
=31Perth Waldorf,BibraLakeI11043490
33Newman College, ChurchlandsC11093488
34St Andrew’s Grammar, DianellaI10723486
35Corpus Christi College, BatemanC10963474
36Christian Brothers’ College, FreemantleC10883472
37Kingsway Christian College,DarchI11223466
38KearnanCollege, ManjimupC10333465
39Lake Joondalup Baptist CollegeI10983464
40PeterMoyesAnglican Community, MindarieI10803461
41Carey Baptist College, ForrestdaleI10863450
42Chisholm Catholic College, BedfordC10523447
43St Stephens, DuncraigI11113443
44Grace Christian, Glen IrisI10463440
45Bethel Christian, AlbanyI10003438
46Georgianna Molloy Anglican,YalyalupI10673427
47Kennedy Baptist College, MurdochI10893426
48PeterCarnleyAnglican CommunityI10473422
49JohnSeptimusRoe, MirrabookaI10603417
50Swan Christian CollegeI10533416

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