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Rehoboth Ranks 28th in WA Top 50 Schools

Each year, the Australian newspaper includes a Your School section as part of The Weekend Australian issue. In its issue of 21-22 June it compared the nation’s top 100 schools based on its NAPLAN results. It then listed the top schools State by State. For Western Australia, the table focused on the Top 50 schools (on page 14 of the lift-out section).

We are delighted to let you know that Rehoboth was ranked 28th in the list with a NAPLAN score of 3501.

As one of the smaller schools in the list, this is amazing, and something to thank God for. It is a powerful endorsement of the progress that we are making, and something to be celebrated and shared. It reflects the diligence of our Staff and their commitment to their students which is making a massive difference. This comparison looks at a wide sample of scores as it is taken across a number of year groups. It is encouraging to get positive feedback about the academic standard of our College and it is pleasing to see several Christian Schools represented in the list of Top 50 schools.

See the Australian’s interactive Your School website and see for yourself how well Rehoboth compares.

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