Rehoboth Places 4th in Language Competition

The Education Perfect World Language Championship began in 8-15 March. Rehoboth placed fourth in the world for Indonesian out of 704 schools. We also came second in Western Australia for Indonesian out of 126 schools competing. 

This year, there were approximately 160 of our students competing and 64 students in our Secondary campus who earned certificates, compared to the average of 30-35 students earning certificates each year.

Congratulations to the following students on their achievements:

Student Points
Abigail Lau (Y11 ATAR Indonesian First Language) - came fifth in Indonesian, in the world 10,299
Lovenia Anggadjaja (Y9 Indonesian Ext Class - Informal) - came second in Indonesian, in the world 10,011
Georgia Strickling (Y11 ATAR Indonesian Second Language) 5,389
Sharon Christopher (Y7) 3,480
Marlianne Magadia (Y8) 3,424
Lucy Richards (Y7) 3,202
Riona Prabhakaran (Y8) 3,198
Genevieve Martin (Y11 ATAR Indonesian Second Language) 3,035
Kayla Santoso (Y9 Indonesian Ext Class - Informal) 2,532
Ezra Merlo (Y8) 2,251
Samuel Richards (Y9) 2,237
Gabrielle Kimbal (Y7) 1,759
Daniel Watson (Y8) 1,674
Melody Yuwono (Y7) 1,599
Angel Biegon (Y8) 1,244
Happiness Maran (Y8) 1,223
Aaron Widyadi (Y7) 1,208
Marcus Mamhute (Y10) 1,157
James Matthews (Y7) 1,151
Joy Rui Teo (Y7) 1,133
Joy Kemboi (Y8) 1,124
Jeremy Paul (Y7) 1,109
Joshua Bakulikira (Y8) 1,080
Vania Jandoyo (Y10) 1,065
Michaella Mamhute (Y7) 1,036
Wesley Lazuardi (Y9) 895
Zoe Grace Ong (Y7) 820
Josephine Ardian (Y8) 785
Aaron Lau (Y9) 760
Ella Young (Y9) 716
Heidi Collet (Y7) 682
Oscar Lee (Y9) 652
Catherine Hadisuseno (Y8) 651
Deanna Whittle (Y8) 614
Alexander Buchanan (Y10) 586
Denzel Lazuardi (Y7) 570
Eric William (Y9) 559
Ceanna Morling (Y7) 553
Manfred Chong (Y10) 552
Nathan Leaw (Y8) 531
Maffew Chong (Y10) 527
Naomi Gong (Y7) 524
Elsha Supera (Y8) 523
Connie Mwale (Y9) 522
David Cha (Y7) 519
Lilian Ajith (Y8) 516
James Budiman (Y8) 515
Bianca Dolorosa (Y8) 512
Zacharias Chia (Y7) 511
Mitchell Gahani (Y9) 511
Marc Bakulikira (Y7) 511
Thandolwami Tshuma (Y8) 509
Shane Singh (Y8) 508
Harry Son (Y9) 508
Achnaff Sayon (Y8) 507
Liam Short (Y8) 506
Sanah Zaki (Y8) 504
Christopher Martin (Y9) 502
Elim Yiu (Y9) 502
Flora Nawn (Y8) 501
Rochelle Vincent (Y8) 501
Richard Sampoerna (Y7) 500
Nathanael Meerwald (Y9) 500
Claire van Dam (Y7) 500

Elite Certificate: More than 10,000 points.

Emerald Certificate: More than 5,000 points.

Gold Certificate: More than 3,000 points.

Silver Certificate: More than 2,000 points.

Bronze Certificate: More than 1,000 points

Credit Certificate: More than 500 points

Well done to each student who did a wonderful job in this competition! We look forward to the next exciting Language Competition.


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