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Rehoboth on the World Stage


Gwyneth - Language Perfect SMLCongratulations go to Gwyneth Anggadjaja (Year 9), who won first place in the world as part of the Language Perfect International competition for Indonesian studies. Gwyneth was presented with her award of a certificate, medallion, and $100 gift voucher at our recent Thanksgiving Assembly by Kate Reitzenstein, the AISWA Language Consultant (pictured). This is an incredible achievement! A number of our LOTE students entered the Language Perfect competition, and Rehoboth came in second place in Australia in the schools with 51-100 (Language) students category. If you live in the City of Gosnells, keep an eye on the Comment News for an upcoming article on this great story.

Language Perfect is part of a competition called Education Perfect, in which we also took part in the Science Championships. Rehoboth earned 101,384 points in this competition, finishing the top school in the world with 101-250 (Science) students (out of 227 schools in this category); and the fifth ranked school globally (out of 788 schools) in all categories.

It is not often that an individual or school receives this kind of recognition. Well done to the students and staff involved.

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