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Quiz Night: Enthusiasm Prayer Dedication and Team Spirit

When you have a whole bunch of Year 12s heading off to the Philippines on a Mission Trip you need a few things. Enthusiasm, Prayer, Dedication, Team Spirit… and a whole heap of cash!

With that last thing in mind, the team ran the Annual Philippines Mission Trip Quiz Night on Saturday 8 September to raise money for building supplies for a Secondary Block at Quarto Christian School and food hampers to go out to Smokey Mountain.

Thanks to a splendid selection of questions from the eloquent Mr B a whale of a night was had by all – particularly the winning team of Mr de Bruyn and his crusty associates who came in as the top dog. Mrs Ball’s crew of Wisdom Warriors were snapping at their heels turning in a respectable 2nd place performance.

Once again, the generosity of the Rehoboth community and others came to the fore with the Quiz Night bringing in a profit of $5,082. That’s a cracking injection direct into the projects on the ground in the Philippines – bringing a real difference to lives. Our thanks to our event sponsors, big and small, who gave gifts, money, services and time to make the event the success that it is.

Of course, with this report comes an advance warning of next year’s Rehoboth Philippines Mission Trip Quiz Night. It’s way too early to give you a date but you can definitely get out your old Funk and Wagnells or start making a dent in your NBN data allocation and get onto studying up for 2019.

Remember, “ignorance is not attractive” so prepare early!

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