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Protective Behaviours with Constable Care

Constable Care

Kenwick Primary students had the opportunity to be entertained and enlightened by the Constable Care crew this week.

Our students from Pre-Primary to Year 3 enjoyed a puppet show where Constable Care’s friends learnt about the difference between being Fun-Scared (like when going on a slide at the park) and feeling Unsafe and needing to ask for help from a trusted adult. It was a good reinforcement of many of our Protective Behaviours messages that are taught through the year.

Our Year 4, 5 and 6 students participated in a theatre show, “Frenemies” aimed at building empathy for others. They got to suggest and (for some) try out on stage alternate ways of solving problems between friends and others at school. The show focussed on asking students to “stand in another’s shoes” and consider what their experience might be like.

Both performances were enjoyed by the students.

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