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Primary Soccer Grand Final 2018

The House Soccer Final was held between Newton and Tyndale on 22 June. Newton had never won the event and went in as underdogs. The two teams clashed the previous week where a late skirmish in front of goal resulted in a draw and a broken arm to one of Tyndale’s key players.
The Final started with a prayer for fair play and a hand shake.

Tyndale got off to a flying start, dominating the forward plays. Kabelo Tshuma put pressure on Newton’s defence, which was led by Elijah Hunter and Harry Blennerhasset with Andrew Thomas as goalie. By the end of the first half, Tyndale were dominating 2-0. For Newton, the game looked beyond hope.

Newton knew they had to come out stronger in the second half. They came out with a quick running goal. Another goal, also by Joshua Bell, evened the score. The parents and supporters held their breath as the time ticked on. Was the game going to end with a nerve wracking penalty shootout?

Finally, with minutes to spare, Joshua Bell booted a massive kick from outside the penalty box, almost impossible for the Tyndale keeper to stop. Newton held on to secure victory and high fives and hugs as well as photo ops with the trophy.

Well done to all involved, especially to coaches, Nikita Strickling for umpiring, and Mr Butson for coordinating. Thanks to parents and players for their support.

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