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Pre-Primary Students Enjoy the Outdoor Classroom

Pre-Primary Outdoor Classroom

In Pre-Primary we utilise our beautiful playground as an addition to our classroom. This Term we have been exploring “Mini Beasts: God’s Little Helpers.” Our outdoor environment has been a huge assistance in growing our understanding of Mini Beasts and how God has called us to care for His creation.

God created worms to help keep the soil healthy and help water to get to the plants roots. They also help get rid of food scraps. We discovered that all our rubbish goes into a tip! We discussed how we can assist in keeping God’s world clean. With help from our caretaker, we created our own compost. We now place all of our food scraps into our compost bin.

Our Outdoor Classroom is always changing. The next stage of our playground has been to incorporate loose parts. Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. They are materials that are not prescriptive and offer limitless possibilities. Loose parts are about real world learning, they require the children to collaborate, share thinking, problem solve and make decisions.

We have had a buzz of excitement as we saw our loose parts cupboard placed into our playground. Over the July school holidays various loose parts have been placed into our cupboard. We had the first chance to play with our loose parts this week! It was great fun, we created motor bikes, a house, made a throne for a king and his army, and a fantastic see-saw. We had discussions about weight, solved balancing problems, had to compromise, work with our friends, and some of us were able to teach others how to tie knots. Not to mention use our imagination!

We had so much fun, and giggled a lot!

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