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Pre-Primary Dive into AQWA Excursion

Pre-Primary AQWA ExcursionToday, all the Wilson Pre-Primary students travelled to AQWA for their very first school excursion. We thoroughly enjoyed our AQWA experience of going in the tunnel on the conveyor belt to investigate the Ship Wreck Coast, being splashed by the stingrays at Stingray Bay, and touching the starfish in the Touch Pool. We also enjoyed our lunch and play at Heathcote Park.

This trip created many opportunities for the students to develop their enquiry skills and engage in questions, discussion, and retell. With many parent volunteers joining the tour, there was a great sense of school community as we shared in the experience.

From the student comments below, it seems that everyone had a great time!

What I liked about AQWA…

“Seeing the big turtle in the tunnel.”

“When Aunty came because I got to spend time with her.”

“Looking at the corals because they got so many colours and got small sea creatures inside.”

“Looking at the sea snake.”

“Seeing the stingray so close!”

“A fish with a horn on its head because it’s got patterns on it.”

“Touching the starfish.”

“Seeing fish because they are so beautiful.”

“Touching the sea animals because they felt like a soft toy.”

“Looking at the shark because I love sharks.”

“Walking on the moving tunnel seeing all the fish.”

“Looking at the shark because there was another fish on top.”

“Looking at the sea turtle because we got to see it swim.”

“Sitting on the bus because I like looking out the window.”

“Seeing the shark and the stingrays.”

“The jellyfish because they have nice colours.”

“Touching the starfish because it looks red.”

“The midnight danger zone because it had dangerous animals.”

“Touching the starfish, it moves nice in my hand and it feels tickly.”

“Touching the crocodile statue.”

“Sliding down the playground [slide] because it is so much fun.”

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