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Practicing Indonesian Language and Culture with Our Friends from Penabur

Recently, we enjoyed our annual visit from the students of our sister school, Penabur, in Indonesia.

Unlike previous years, the number of Penabur students doubled, and we cheerfully welcomed 29 students this year.

They must have really enjoyed their previous visits to Rehoboth for such a dramatic increase in their numbers this year.

As in previous years, the Penabur students spent time across both campuses. At Wilson, we welcomed the challenge of how more than 50 students working in the same space together would turn out. Surprisingly, the noise level was controlled, we worked a lot harder than usual and the quality of our work was also great. We could not have done it without the help from them. How we wish they could stay a little longer to help us with our other subjects in class.

In the past, the Penabur students would join us for the entire day doing various activities with us. However, this year, their time with was cut short as they had a jam-packed schedule. Although their time with us was short, we still managed to experience many eventful and memorable activities together. The students listened to our project proposals and assisted us with our groups, participated in our food survey, and guided us in our hunt for different colours found within the campus.

Most activities were completed using simple Indonesian words and phrases in our conversations with them. It was a memorable and interesting experience for many of us. Furthermore, the Penabur students took the opportunity to perform a traditional dance for the school, which was very impressive.

Even though conversing in simple Indonesian sentences were nerve-wrecking for some of us, we were still excited to practice what we have learnt in our Indonesian classes with them. Also, they were kind enough to teach and correct us to help us improve our language skills, which made our Indonesian learning experience so much more enjoyable.

We wish their time with us was a lot longer. We cannot wait for 2020 and another visit from our Penabur friends. Till next year!

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