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“You Have the Power to Change Stuff” – Daniel Flynn and Thankyou

We were very privileged to host Thankyou co-founders Daniel Flynn and Jarryd Burns today. Year 11-12 students heard from Daniel as he shared the Thankyou story and encouraged them to pursue their dreams and passions. It was a fantastic message that challenged everyone to think differently and connected beautifully to our desire to see students develop and use their God-given talents for His glory. Look out for the full story in next fortnight’s newsletter.

“The main impact that David Flynn had on me in his talk was in the power of ideas. They had an idea and did everything in their power to make it happen, and that is different to what we are channelled to focus on which is the actual process, rather than the idea behind it. The other thing was the way they went against the industry norm everywhere they went, and especially that they are sticking to it and its working” – Matvey Solovev

“It struck me as a very inspirational speech. Made me want to begin a unique type of fundraiser myself. He told us to leave our own imprint on this world – an imprint that only we can leave.

Impression: amazement and respect. The way he continuously rebounded from every single downfall was inspiring. I remember thinking, ‘Why do they even bother to continue trying?’ and then he explained why. There was a moment he had with God that made it impossibly clear that this is what he was meant to do with his life” – Mitchell O’Sullivan

“I really enjoyed listening to their talks and to hear they went through different experiences to be successful. Through different struggles they never gave up and let their dreams become a reality. The impact for me was when he talked about how each of our imprints are different and how we can use our ideas to become a reality” – Sneha Sibi

“The presentation inspired me about how Daniel Flynn managed to keep going even after failing for three years. He also didn’t give up his dream even when everyone else would’ve if they were in the situation he was in. His story encouraged me to not give up easily on things when it doesn’t go well. To keep trying as well as being creative and change my approach when I can’t move on” – Johan Ca’o

“I really enjoyed the talk and thought it was very motivational. I was inspired to go and make a difference in the world. It was also cool hearing it from a young person who took a business approach. I feel like this has impacted the way I look at success in life. Rather than striving to make money for myself, I should strive to make money to help others” – Joshua Rentenaar

“Impression: Actually a speaker who kept my attention for the whole time and he was someone I could relate to because he was young. Very impressive execution, I appreciated the morning tea and the round tables. The round tables get rid of assembly feel and makes it more relatable.

Impact: Halfway through reading the book, he told family members to buy Thankyou products. Started to realise how many God moments there are in life. Encouraged to do innovation instead of formal career” – Calvin Ossevoort

“You have the power to change stuff” – Joshua Ossevoort

“The presentation inspired me to not give up and lose hope of my dreams and accomplishments even when the odds are against me and situations are not working for you, yet you should stay strong on your goals. Daniel Flynn also motivated me to look into my dreams/goals and chase them even when the situation is not looking the best for you and that any excuses you have may be valid, but if you are truly determined to achieve your dreams and goals you will try your hardest to break through your excuses so that you can achieve your dreams and aspirations” – Wayne Nanguromo

“The impression that the talk left on me inspired me that all things are possible if you strive towards a goal no matter what obstacles might come your way. If it is God’s will that you succeed, then He will give you the strength and opportunity to do so. I was also impacted when he told us how young he was when he first started and even though he lacked resources he could fulfil his dream” – Nelson Nieuwkerk

“What I believe God was saying to me through Daniel Flynn was that I need to stop always looking at myself and start looking at the wider picture, like the people that have nothing. And that we all have the power. I read his book and he said something very important. He was in Melbourne and he was looking at all the high-rise apartments and thought about the amount of money that each apartment made. He then divided that by $20 (the amount of money it pretty much costs for an individual to have water), and the end amount was 175,000, so 175,000 people would have water. That impacted me, because in Australia we have the money and the power to be able to do something, but we often don’t”

“What stuck with me was that I can follow my dreams and make it happen, and there isn’t just one way to get there, school isn’t the only option, there are other ways of getting there. So I need to keep pushing. I also have the power to change a lot of things in the world, I just need to not be scared and get out there.”

“I believe that God really opened my eyes to realise that anything is possible through Him, like… I’ve always wanted to help others and, you know, fight for the rights of ALL people, and seeing Daniel Flynn achieving his own goals for helping others was really encouraging. God can use me, and my imprint on this earth is not going to be the same as others.”

“Although Daniel Flynn and his Thankyou crew fell multiple times whilst trying to achieve their goals, they still stood up and tried again and eventually they succeeded! They still had faith in God and had faith in themselves too… and never gave up.”

“I should follow my own story. Never be afraid to do something for God, even if it looks impossible. What struck me with the talk was his whole story. From the age of 19, he could not believe how millions of people had no water. So he started a bottling company with his friend, even when the first three years were not so good.”

“Fear is a real thing that many struggle with and, we can’t allow it to overcome us or stop us from living our life. “

“What struck me with the talk was the humility Daniel Flynn has, and how he spoke so down to earth to us explaining his failures as well as his highs.”

“What I believe God was saying to me via Daniel Flynn was to never give up regardless of the challenges. Also to leave your own unique fingerprint to the world, using God’s talents He has given us to have an impact on the world.”

“What struck me with the talk was Daniel’s courage to do anything to follow God’s calling for him, and his resilience in his failures in the first 3 years.”

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